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April 14, 2019

Bedrooms are a reflection of our personalities, through the effort, we put into the design and décor. They are an intimate, private space where we relax after a long day, or cozy up to our favourite people, pets, books and lots more.

However, you might be at a loss about how to make a new bedroom your personal spot. Here are a few tips to turn your bedroom into your own sanctuary:

1.Choose relaxing colour palettes

Your bedroom is a space to wind down after a day of hard work or stress and relax. Choose a colour palette that infuses this feeling of relaxation into the room. Cool and earthy colours are generally very relaxing, try to pair these together with pastel shades.

A great combination is navy blue with grey and white. If you usually like bold colours, that isn’t a problem! Simply choose lighter and toned-down shades of the same, for example, pink to replace fuchsia or sky blue to replace cyan.

2.Get the most comfortable pillows and blankets

Bedding is integral to how you sleep, and everyone has different preferences. Pick the exact kind of pillows and blankets that you like and make you feel comfortable.

Spending a little more on these can go a long way as they last for a very long time and contribute to how well you sleep. Get as many as you find cozy, and place them in cases that match the décor!

3.Don’t overlook the side tables

The sides of the bed itself are more important than you’d think. Get a couple of small tables and put one on each side, this makes it convenient to reach for that bottle of water, place coffee mugs and even stack books neatly on.

You don’t have to wake up to place things elsewhere. You could choose beautiful, earthy tones like browns, or dress the tables up in chalky pastel colours, as you like. Deck these side tables with décor, this could be a small potted plant, your favourite photos or even scented candles!

4.Pay attention to the lighting

Lighting plays a major role in mood-setting, and harsh lighting can stop you from relaxing. Try using soft lights in yellow tones, also possible with LEDs.

You could place some beautiful lampshades around the room and have ceiling lights whose

intensity can be controlled. Some people also light having string lights in different shapes and colours, giving it a very personal touch.

5.The fifth wall

Although it is often ignored, the ceiling is the last thing you see while lying in bed going to sleep, and the first thing when you wake up. Use soft colours or patterns to give an illusion of the ceiling being closer and intimate. You may consider adding chandeliers or crystal for a richer look, or glow-in-the-dark space stickers if you love the idea of sleeping under starry skies.


Bedrooms are just another space until you add your personal touch to them and make them truly yours. Great colour palette choices can quickly make the room feel cozy and adding your décor items will help you feel comfortable.

It is very easy to personalise your bedroom through colour palettes, subdued lighting, ceiling colours, cozy bedding and beautiful décor. Take charge of your room and turn it into your very own sanctuary!

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