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April 08, 2019

Shelves are a substantial focal point in a room because they tell a story and offer a chance to display what you love. Moreover, shelves can also add style and lovely finishing touches to your décor. However, If you randomly throw in things, it can look like a cluttered mess.

Here are five tips for you to create a balanced and functional display by spotlighting your favourite stuff:


1.     Choose a Colour Palette

Picking a great colour combination is an essential step at styling anything, be it phones cases, flower vases, painting your house, and even shelves.

Sticking to three or four shades of colours is a great idea. If you live in a small place, try to keep the theme neutral and calm. However, if space isn’t an issue, go bonkers with a fresh, colourful and vibrant setting.


2.     Organise Books

Arrange your books in alternating stacks of horizontal and vertical configurations of the same height. Try to organise your books in a vibrant colour gradient. If you have a variety of books based on colour, trying out different combinations will help you pick a style that you like most. 

Organising by genre enables easy access to your favourite books and is a great way to show off your book collection. Shelves are not only meant for books. They also serve as a place to showcase personal items that mean a lot to you.


3.     Add Décor

Use décor objects such as plants, vases, ceramics, and action figures to arrange your shelves. Infusing your shelves with décor objects can instil a magazine or movie like finish to your room.

Try experimenting with a mixture of textures, colours, and symmetry. Remember that variety and contrast are pivotal in bringing your shelves to life and striking a stunning look. Additionally, vignettes are all about the elegant placing of objects at the right spots.


4.     Incorporate a Gallery Hanger

Decorate your shelves by adding art or record album covers slanting vertically. If space is a constraint, hang your art in front of the shelves. A dazzling art frame hung on your shelf turns a dull and cluttered mess into a masterpiece.


5.     Work With Space

You don't need to fill all the empty spaces to get a good finishing. There's a concept called negative space, and you can follow this idea to style your shelves. The objective is to deliberately leave some area empty to showcase the texture and colour of your shelves.

There's a saying in web design called, "Less is More:" A minimalistic approach involving lesser elements and more space imparts a unique style. This is applicable for shelving too, and you must give it a shot.



Choosing a new colour palette, stylishly organising books, adding décor or art, and incorporating some negative space are super easy DIY tips for styling your shelves.

You don't have to blame the architecture or the age of your room for the bland feeling you might have. Spice up your interiors by trying out some of the tips mentioned above.





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